Who am I?

I’m Steve Mushero, Global Technologist & Entrepreneur. I’ve spent the last 15 years running startups in China, where we hired a thousand employees over the years, at the heart of the Chinese Internet. A very interesting journey, I assure you.

I moved to China from Silicon Valley, where I spent nearly a decade in startups and consulting in tech, biotech, and even wine logistics. I’ve been in & around startups my whole life, starting in construction, up through the latest in Cloud Computing and AI technologies for IT. More about me at SteveMushero.com

I grew up in Maine, USA, so I also write about life there, and how it intersects or differs from life in San Francisco, Shanghai, and beyond. I also write about China, especially about how things are both the same, and different, on the other side of the world.

I’ve also wandered in & around various industries, from construction to manufacturing to all manner of IT in diverse industries including insurance, micro-lending, healthcare, security, and more. I also wrote a book on off-shoring and many of the issues we’re facing today, which you check out at Offshoring The Middle Class

I also fly helicopters, sail boats, and drink plenty of wine. I write about those, too.

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What do I write about?

I’m a technology & startup guy in China & Silicon Valley, so I write about those things, but also cover a wide range of diverse topics including science, women’s issues, leadership, politics, economics, space & aviation, culture, life, parenting, and much more.

My target audience is folks with diverse interests, centered on the world, business, and human interests. This is a diverse newsletter, with focus, but then again, not.

My goal is to educate, impact and motivate my audience through my twice-a-week newsletter. The Paid newsletter will have more posts and a monthly Q&A with me.

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Musing on Tech, China, Startups, Science, Space, Life, Culture, and much more ... a very diverse mix of observations of what I fancy & find interesting, as they arise.


Entrepreneur & CTO in Tech, Clouds, Ops, and more. Based in Silicon Valley.